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The surrounding area is rich of occasions of entertainment and relax; it offers variuos contexts, one different from the other, which are able to create historical anc cultural moments, but also funny and evocative experiences.


“To see it and quickly fall in love with it; then return in order to discover it”. True piece of art, it fascinates everybody; link of ages, cultures and knowledge interlaced in perfect harmony which offer to the visitors unforgettable suggestions that are able to enchanting all year around. The famous monuments, among which the Arena, the House of Juliet, the Roman Theatre and Castelvecchio constitute an historical and monumental patrimony that makes it one of the most beautiful and rich cities of Italy.

Lake of Garda
The ancient Benacus of the Roman, a lot extolled by the poet Catullo, is the largest and characteristic among the prealpine lakes and the only one which offers a territory so different and changing. Among the numerous localities, some of the most evocative: Peschiera del Garda with its beaches and its walls; Lazise with the beautiful historical center and the ancient and perfectly conserved fortresses; Bardolino that offers an animated night life; Torri del Benaco famous for its quiet and the castle and Malcesine with its colorful ways.

The lengens wants that the name Valpolicella means “valley with many wineries”. Here two famous and searched wines are cultivated: the rich flowered Amarone and the sweet Recioto, besides those of the Valpolicella, appreciated all over the world. Delicious wines to know and to taste in rinomate wineries, with guided tours that allow to directly learn the secrets from the producers. A territory that enjoys also a simple but tasting gastronomic cuisine, spacing from plates like polenta and soppressa salami, till pasta and fasoi (bean soup), from boiled meat with pearà sauce till the dry almond cake accompained with a good Recioto.


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